The Baltimore City Child in Need of Supervision Pilot Project (CINS)


Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center
300 N. Gay Street
1st Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202

Phone: (443) 263-8747

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays.
9:00am – 5:00pm

The East Baltimore Community Corporation (EBCC) in collaboration with the Family League of Baltimore City created the model for Children in Need of Supervision (CINS) to divert youth from formal Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) involvement throughout the State of Maryland. In July 2006, EBCC was awarded the pilot project of providing services to families and Children in Need of Supervision (CINS) in Baltimore City. Funding is provided by the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services through the Family League of Baltimore City.

To date, the Project has provided services to over 1,500 families, exceeding benchmarks in all outcome objectives. Overall, the CINS Project has been instrumental in diverting over 80% of referred youth from no formal Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) involvement 6 months after of receiving services from CINS staff.

The Child In Need of Supervision Project provides a comprehensive array of services to families in which the Department of Juvenile Services’ Intake staff or the parent/guardian of the youth contacts CINS staff for assistance with a child who requires guidance, treatment, or rehabilitation and not formal intervention by DJS. The youth must also meet the following criteria:

EBCC staff provides on-site, immediate services to youth and families in need of brief individual or family conferencing to address the problem(s) that brought the youth and family to DJS Intake. Providing immediate assistance and tangible benefits to the youth and family has greatly increased participation in service and resource planning activities. The CINS Project also provides comprehensive assessment services, equipping the youth and family with a full array of resources, such as: family functioning, health, mental health, substance abuse and educational services (as mandated in legislation) to meet their individual needs.

The Project is located at the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center (BCJJC) in close proximity to DJS Intake so that the family can be immediately seen and provided assistance.

EBCC staffs 3 CINS positions, a Masters level Clinical Supervisor with a strong family services provision and administration background, and two Family Assessment Specialists, with at least one staff certified as a LCSW-C and LCADC.

At least one of our staff members is available on-site at the BCJJC from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. weekdays to ensure that any parent walking into DJS Intake requesting assistance with an ungovernable child can receive immediate assistance from the CINS Project staff.

Within 25 days of the youth’s referral to CINS, a Family Assessment Specialist creates a Service Plan for the youth and family based on a comprehensive youth and family assessment by meeting with the youth and family for two to six family sessions. The sessions are primarily provided at the BCJJC location; however, services can be provided at locations most convenient to the family, such as their home, the youth’s school or a local community facility. The Service Plan includes recommended community resources that meet the identified needs of the youth and family, such as:

In addition to EBCC’s commitment to diverting Baltimore City youth from formalized involvement in the Juvenile Justice System, Area 1 DJS staff has been a full partner in the development and start-up of this pilot project and is equally committed to the goal of diverting CINS youth from formal DJS involvement or placement on Informal Community Supervision. Additional partners include the Baltimore City Police Department and the Baltimore City School Police.

For additional information please contact:

Ms. Lisa Procks, Project Director
Baltimore City – Child in Need of Supervision Pilot Project (CINS)
East Baltimore Community Corporation
301 N. Gay Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202