Reflective Treatment Center


The Chance Building
301 N. Gay Street
Lower Level
Baltimore, MD 21202

Phone: (410) 752-3500

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday
7:45am – 6:00pm

Saturday and Sunday
7:45am – 11:00am

The Reflective Treatment Center is an Opiate Maintenance Therapy and Opiate Maintenance Therapy – Detox treatment facility, operated under the auspices of the East Baltimore Community Corporation (EBCC) since 1969. The target population of Reflective Treatment Center is opiate dependent adults ages 18 and over.

The Mission of the Reflective Treatment Center (Reflective) is to provide comprehensive treatment services to adults dependent on Opiates, while ensuring recovery and integration back into family and community life through increased socialization, emotional and vocational skills. We are here to make a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve.

Reflective provides medication assisted treatment to all clientele enrolled in this facility. Individual, group and family counseling, treatment planning, urinalysis monitoring and medical assessments and referrals are provided to all clientele. Reflective is staffed with a diverse group of medical professionals, certified counselors and a specialized management team focused on a Recovery Oriented System of Care for each individual receiving services. Individual, group and family counseling, medication and support services are coordinated to meet the treatment and recovery needs of the individual in order to improve integration into community and family life with an increased skill set. We are centrally located in Baltimore City, and accessible by private and public transportation.

Intake appointments are primarily obtained via telephone contact with our Intake coordinator. Walk-ins are also accepted. A telephone screening is completed to ascertain “priority appointments”. Intake appointments are generally given on a first call basis, but priority is given to pregnant females and H.I.V. positive persons and intravenous drug users. (H.I.V positive applicants and pregnant applicants must provide proof of their medical status upon appointment obtainment.)

We operate in a team concept, in that each Counselor is assigned to a team with specific functions. The teams are Intake, Orientation, Supportive Services, Prevention/Education and Medical Support. The specific areas of function are delineated by the name of each team. Each client interfaces with each team during his or her first ninety days of treatment. This provides a better understanding of treatment services and a continuous assessment of client needs. Clients are required to meet with their assigned Counselor at least twice monthly during their initial treatment period.

Our Support Service Unit is charged with providing ancillary services that will positively impact treatment progression and reduce barriers to treatment. We have established several pertinent relationships with organizations that provide other levels of care, i.e., inpatient treatment services. In collaboration with our Medical Team, clientele are referred for additional treatment, based on level of need, and treatment planning is coordinated with that agency.

Pregnant clientele that are not linked with pre-natal services are referred to our Supportive Service Unit for a referral for pre-natal services. H.I.V. positive clientele that are not linked with support services are also referred to our Supportive Services Unit for appropriate services. Individual counseling, group counseling and treatment plans designed for their specific needs are provided to all clientele of Reflective Treatment Center.

We have gender specific groups for men and women and those mandated to treatment by the Criminal Justice System. Clientele that are homeless are referred to our Supportive Service Unit for assistance with emergency housing and/or other services that will improve their quality of life. We partner with the Latino Providers Network and Catholic Charities for services for non-English populations.

For additional information please contact:

Ms. Muriel Brothers, Program Administrator
EBCC – Reflective Treatment Center
301 N. Gay Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202