QuoteI just wanted to say thank you again for your program.  It is still helping me and my daughter to this very day.  I am glad you’re still here for me to come back to. Bless Mrs.Lewis and bless this program, they both help people and change lives for the better more than you ever know.

– Yolanda Cannon, Parent, CINS Program Participant


QuoteThe Parent Empowerment Program (PEP)  works with the needs of the parents to enable reconnection with their children and assuming parental responsibility.  In addition, PEP connects the parent and child with community-based services based on their needs.  During the past year, I have witnessed the effectiveness of the program thru the reductions in the number of youth appearing on the court’s daily docket.
– Hon. Judge Robert B. Kershaw, Judge Baltimore City Circuit Court, Juvenile Division


QuoteI cannot express all of the wonderful things that East Baltimore Youth and Family Services and Ms. Foster have done to support my family & the students at the Inner Harbor East Academy for Young Scholars.

– Rebecca Ricks, Vice-President of the PTA for the Inner Harbor East Academy for Young Scholars