The East Baltimore Community Corporation (EBCC) has served as the lead organization of neighborhood empowerment since 1969, as it was specifically created as an outgrowth of the East Baltimore Dunbar High School Charette.  The Charette brought together concerned residents, business leaders, and individuals from the public and private sector to direct and expand services needed within the community in areas such as health care, substance abuse treatment, youth and family, housing development, job training and employment opportunities.


True to our mission of enhancing the quality of life for those individuals who live and work within our communities, regardless of their circumstances, we have successfully established 26 subsidiary organizations and programs to meet critical needs of the community as they have evolved over the past 42 years.


These needs have included, but are not limited to, the following services that have been provided by EBCC:


Our efforts in addressing the needs within our Baltimore communities, as identified by representatives of each neighborhood, have created possibilities for community members to become involved in service to their communities, families and individuals with the greatest needs—creating tangible opportunities for employment, education, health care, addictions treatment, etc. out of challenges that were affecting entire neighborhoods.


One of EBCC’s greatest strengths as an organization has been our unmatched community involvement and commitment to our mission that has remained steadfast over the last four decades.   Our organization has been able to remain true to our mission by ensuring continual representation of neighborhood concerns and triumphs through our grass roots Board of Directors and neighborhood involvement—spearheading community participation and success for our varied initiatives.

We have lived our commitment to helping people become self-sufficient, drug-free, and employable, as well as our belief that if people are given the appropriate supports, they WILL succeed.

Details of Specific Accomplishments – EBCC was responsible for the development of the East Baltimore Medical Center, offering health care services to needy residents as a Health Maintenance Organization; one of the first community-based HMO’s in the country over 30 years ago. The Medical Center has served over 200,000 individuals since its founding, and became the cornerstone for the Johns Hopkins Health System.

The development of the Ashland Mews Community was completed by EBCC in 1982. A garden-gated community of 379 town homes for first-time homebuyers this development covers a 24-block area and serves as a catalyst for stabilization and revitalization of the larger community.  Recognized by the Architectural Institute of America as one of the nation’s outstanding affordable urban design housing units, a total of $18 million in private, local, state and federal funds were raised for this project.

EBCC partnered with Sojourner Douglas to open the Inner Harbor East Academy for Young Scholars charter school, serving youth in pre-kindergarten through second grade. Today, the school serves youth through eighth grade, with a student population of 380.

EBCC has spear-headed efforts to address Disproportionate Minority Confinement in Baltimore City, serving as a resource for the State and affected families in addressing this prevalent issue.  EBCC has worked with Local Management Boards and Youth Service Bureaus in counties within the State to assist them in advocating for residents in their jurisdictions.

With the support of the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention, our “Children In Need of Supervision” Pilot Project to divert youth from formal juvenile justice involvement has served over 800 youth and families since 2006, exceeding benchmarks in all outcome objectives.  It is expected that additional funding to replicate this successful model in identified City schools will be awarded this fall.